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KidStreet and Grounds for Hope Cafe are ministries of Trinity Lutheran Church, Lisle, IL. We welcome people of all backgrounds into our facility and appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Please follow the links for more information or check below if you would like us to follow up with you.
  Area of Interest   Area of Interest
Birthdays at KidStreet Grace Care
Grief Recovery Kids’ programs at KidStreet
Small Group Bible Studies Trinity Baptism
Trinity Church Trinity Early Childhood Center 95th St.
Trinity Preschool Lisle Trinity Sunday School -KidStreet

You MUST CLICK PLAYHOUSE RULES read, close page, and then check the box.

  • One-Day Membership - $9 per child
  • 6-Month Membership - $80 per family
    • Up to 3 SIBLINGS per family
    • Cannot be shared with other families
    • $20.00 for each additional SIBLING
  • Watch our Facebook page and Newsletter for Free Days throughout the year.

      Pre-registration will assist in speeding up the check-in process. Payment will be accepted at the front desk when you check-in with cash or credit.

      Your membership and your fun begins when you check in at the door.